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Tigtag CLIL is the complete science resource for primary schools.

Designed for pupils aged 7 –11, Tigtag CLIL brings hundreds of outstanding 3-minute films, lesson plans, activities and language support to the classroom, helping you teach science in English.

To learn more please visit the ‘What is Tigtag CLIL?’ page.

Although Tigtag CLIL focuses on science and English language support it has been designed as a cross-curricular resource that encourages skills in independent thinking, personal development and it fosters curiosity. Tigtag CLIL helps students to understand that the subjects they learn in school are relevant to everyday life.

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Video preferences can be changed in user settings.

The site will prompt you to make a selection if it detects you are having trouble streaming a video.

However, if your broadband connection runs slowly due to high contention, then this will affect the streaming of the videos and loading of pages.

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