What is Tigtag CLIL?

Tigtag CLIL has everything you need to plan and teach outstanding science and geography lessons in English for ages 7–11.

Outstanding films

  • Stunning footage and graphics to engage learner and help the understand the language, as well as the science.
  • Curriculum films also available in simplified English with optional caption support.
  • Accessible to students working at level A2 to B1 on the Common European Framework.

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Lesson Support

  • Suggestions and materials for communicative and practical activities.
  • Comprehensive teacher notes.
  • Support on how to integrate language learning into lessons.
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A Twig Education Resource

Tigtag CLIL has an outstanding team working to produce award-winning STEM resources.

  • Created by filmmakers, editors, academics and teachers.
  • Tigtag Junior – Foundations of science for ages 4 to 7.
  • Tigtag – Science and Geography for ages 7 – 11 with additional teacher support.
  • Twig – Captivating science, maths and geography for ages 11 – 16.

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