Meet the team

Find out who's behind Tigtag CLIL

The Twig team

Based in Glasgow and London, our team of researchers, writers, editors and producers works closely with teachers and academic experts to make films that cover the key learning in a way that engages and inspires students from 4 to 16. We speak to teachers at every stage of the process – from development through to post-launch testing, to ensure our resource gives them exactly what they need.

CLIL contributors

Lead CLIL advisor: Keith Kelly is a freelance educational consultant based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He writes, speaks, advises and gives training courses on CLIL and bilingual education, and runs Anglia School, a specialist English-language school for children aged 2–12 in Plovdiv. He is the co-author of Putting CLIL into Practice (OUP 2015).

Tigtag CLIL Writers: Keith Halstead, John Clegg, Alison McNulty, Aleksandra Zaparucha, Patricia Betts, Sabine Citron, Cordelia Lilly.